AdMaxOne : Complete Live TV Playout, CG & Live Streaming/Publishing/Webcasting Software with Time Based(Scheduling) Playout and CG

With AdMaxOne, you get the full benefits of UniplayCG Like Time Based Scheduling of Media Clips,Live Sources.There is very unique feature of Commercial Insertion(Automatic) in Playlist and L-Shape(Squeeze) Advertisements.

The Full Feature List :

  • Stream/Publish to Adobe FMS, WOWZA, RED5, Evostream
  • Ability to Integrate with CDN(RTMP) : Youtube, Livestream, JustinTV, DaCast, Ustream, Amazon, Akamai etc.
  • Seamless Playback Of Media Files Supports Almost All Popular Media File Formats.
  • Scheduling of Individual Playlist Item. Complete FillerManagement (Time Slot Based) Export/Import Playlists 
  • Live Video Input (Time Based & As Playlist Item) & Input From  Multiple Source
  • Ultra Smooth Multi Lingual, Multi-Faced, Multi-Color Font In Ticker, Scroll Or crawl.
  • RSS Based News Scroll (Ticker) Import Twitter Tweets or Facebook Status Updates in Ticker.
  • Time Based Graphics Overlay
  • Weather Info (Live & Dynamic With Weather Icons)
  • Accurate Frame Based (Spot Marker For Commercials)
  • Advertisement Insertion as Single, Time-Slot Basis Spots
  • Breaking News Graphics
  • Sponsor Logos (Schedule Based )
  • Graphics for Squeeze Adverts (L-Shape, U-Shape or any
  • Now Showing & Coming UP Next( Dynamic Text )  from Program Name
  • Quick and easily generate Custom & Detailed Reports for any Date Range for Sponsors and Advertisers in various formats like pdf, rtf, csv or xls

Purchase AdMaxOne Activation Key :
AdMaxOne | 825 USD

After Succesful Payment please send us your Machine's Unique ID with Paypal Transaction ID and we will send you Activation Key.


Step 1:

Install AdMaxOne Demo Installer and Register and Verify with the Link received in the Registered Email.


Step 2:

Download and install K-Lite Mega Codec Pack


How to's Video Tutorials For AdMaxOne

1: How to Install AdMaxOne and its Pre-Requisites


2: How to Set Commercial Slots/Breaks in Playlist of AdMaxOne


3: How to make L-Shape Squeeze Advertisement in AdMaxOne


4: How to use Graphics in AdMaxOne


5: How to make News Scroll/Crawl in AdMaxOne


6: How to make Advertisement Scroll/Crawl in AdMaxOne


7: How to Register Or Purchase Activation Key of AdmaxOne


8 : How to Setup Streaming to RTMP server in AdMaxOne



Hardware Requirements for SD / HD Operations

Intel  Quad Core Xeon or Core i7

16 GB RAM(32GB for HD), 500  GB(Minimum 7200 RPM) or Better SATA  or SAS HDD for System Drive and SATA  or SAS HDD or NAS with Gigabit LAN for Data Storages ,

2 GB Nvidia GTX Series 750  or Higher Graphic Card, DVD Writer,

3 PCI Express Slot for Graphic Card(x16 Slot) 2 Extra PCI Express Slots free for 2 Decklink/Intensity Pro Cart for Input / Output.

Blackmagic-Design’s Decklink  / Intensity  Card for Input/ Output  (Analog , SDI , HD &  HD-SDI)

Recommended OS:

Windows 7(SP1) x64 certified PC or workstation. Or Windows 2008 (SP2) with Windows Media Service(Desktop Experience) certified server with sufficient space to install the selected  Blackamgic Design Decklink or Intensity IO card.



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