Playout Automation Software With Advanced Broadcast Graphics Overlay Automation

UniplayCG | Time Based Playout, CG and Live Source Automation Software with Streaming and Webcasting Software

Uniplay-CG is a user-friendly Text & Graphics Overlay Automation.With Uniplay-CG user can create and display titles, rolls, crawls, Graphics Promos, Sports Graphics TV Station Logo and Sponsor Logos. Uniplay-CG provides very user friendly and intuitive interface design and supports all types of Unicode True Type fonts, three dimensional shadows, semitransparent masks, complex multilayer compositions, animations etc. can be employed.

It has got Built in Templates for All type of Broadcast Graphics Design like News, Sports, Weather, Ticker, Roll, Entertainment Graphics, Business Graphics for real-time overlay on Video. Uniplay-CG gives full power of Automation for Broadcast Graphics Overlay Workflow. With this Application user can schedule any graphics for Media Specific or any Event like Live Video Broadcast.

The Features are :

  • Using all available Unicode Windows TrueType fonts;

  • Symbols and tickers design with complex Shadow, outlines and borders;

  • Using text processors and graphic editing programs principles;

  • Fonts with random direction gradients, Bullets including images in Alpha chanel JPEG, BMP, PNG and TGA 32-bit formats;

  • Anti-aliasing broadcasting rasterization quality;

  • Line interlacing flicker filter;

  • Set Time Based or File Based Group of Layers.

  • Using 16.7 million colours and 256 transparency levels to fill any page elements

Purchase UniplayCG Activation Key  :
UniplayCG | 550 USD

After Succesful Payment please send us your Machine's Unique ID with Paypal Transaction ID and we will send you the Activation Key.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements for SD / HD Operations

  • Intel  Quad Core Xeon or Core i7
  • 16 GB RAM(32GB for HD), 500  GB(Minimum 7200 RPM) or Better SATA  or SAS HDD for System Drive and SATA  or SAS HDD or NAS with Gigabit LAN for Data Storages ,
  • 2 GB Nvidia GTX Series 1050 or Higher Graphic Card, DVD Writer,
  • 3 PCI Express Slot for Graphic Card(x16 Slot) 2 Extra PCI Express Slots free for 2 Decklink/Intensity Pro Cart for Input / Output.
  • Blackmagic-Design’s Decklink  / Intensity  Card for Input/ Output  (Analog , SDI , HD &  HD-SDI)

Recommended OS:

Windows 7(SP1)x64 or Windows 10 Pro x64 certified PC or workstation. Or Windows 2008 (SP2) or Higher with Windows Media Service(Desktop Experience) certified server with sufficient space to install the selected  Blackamgic Design Decklink or Intensity IO card.



Uniplay-CG Installation Instructions

Please Follow the Video Tutorial(Step by Step) that comes with the Installer.




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