UniplayOne - Free TV Playout and CG Automation Software

UniplayOne free version is fully working and usable and will have Ticker & Logo as Watermark and will stay for 2 Minutes every time you start application.
Activation is optional and you can purchase it from here by clicking the PayPal Button below.

Get the new Uniplay One TV Playout & Automation software absolutely free from Unimedia. With its fresh new design and easy to use features, you'll be broadcasting in no time.

UniplayOne is India's Most Advanced and Robust Broadcast Playout Automation Software and Character Generator Automation for satellite television channels or Cable TV channel broadcaster.

UniplayOne supports SD and HD output with Blackmagic's Decklink Boards. It support Graphics Overlay with High Quality Flash and Targa (*.tga) sequences, JPEG, Bitmaps and PNG. UniplayOne comes with Extra Template Packs of the High Quality Graphics for Ticker Backgrounds.

The Main features :

  • Robust Application For 24/7 Crash-Free Performance
  • Seamless Switching Between Media Files and Live Video.
  • Seamless Playback of Media Files(Supports All Popular File Formats) in Playlist.
  • Mixed Playout (Files Of Various Resolution, Frame Rate, Audio-Video Compression Or File Container In The Same Playlist).
  • 24/7 Playlist Items Scheduling In Real Time,Playlist Loop,Import & Export of Playlist
  • User Friendly configurable Playlist Manager
  • Ultra Smooth Unicode & Multi lingual, Multi-Faced, Multi-Colored Font in Scroll or Crawl.User friendly UI Character Generator.
  • Text and Graphics Overlay(Text ,Ticker,Images,Image Sequence, Swf)
  • Change Item Properties (Text, Font, Size, Color, Etc.) while OnAir
  • Instant Live Video Ingest.Low latency Live Ingest
  • Inbuilt Character Generator for Text and Graphics Overlay.
  • Supports NDI Output
  • Supports UDP Output
  • Supports RTMP Streaming to any RTMP Server(AMS, Wowza, RED5, Evostream or any other CDN Service Providers Like YouTube, Amazon, Ustream, DaCast, Frontlayer etc.(Unlocked Instantly when you purchase Activation)
  • Supports I/O hardware from Blackmagic Design all Models Cards
  • Supports All video formats SD/HD/4k Playback in Playlist
  • Seamless Switching of Live and Video file
  • Interlaced Video Support for NTSC & PAL

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Video Tutorials

How to Set Output on Decklink/Intensity Pro Card and Set RtmpSettings for Streaming



How to make Playlist and Scheduling in UniplayOne



How to Set Channel Logo and make Ticker in UniplayOne



UniplayOne Installation Instruction

Please Install as per the Video Tutorial that comes along with the Installer.


P.S : Important : Always Start Application with Administrator Privillege(Rights)


System Requirements For UniplayOne | UniplayCG | AdMaxOne

Hardware Requirements for SD / HD Operations


  • Intel  Core i7
  • 32GB for HD Output, 500  GB(Minimum 7200 RPM) or Better SATA  or SAS HDD for System Drive and SATA  or SAS HDD or NAS with Gigabit LAN for Data Storages ,
  • 2 GB Nvidia GTX Series 1050  or Higher Graphic Card, DVD Writer,
  • 3 PCI Express Slot for Graphic Card(x16 Slot) 2 Extra PCI Express Slots free for 2 Decklink/Intensity Pro Card for Input / Output.
  • Blackmagic-Design’s Decklink  / Intensity  Card for Input/ Output



Recommended OS:

Windows 7(SP1)x64 or Windows 10 Pro certified PC or workstation.



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